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Danger of Littering

The habit of littering can not only endanger environmental health such as the danger of flooding. In fact, human physical health can also be problematic due to rubbish scattered everywhere. If you cannot overcome the problem of rubbish in your house, you can use the hot tub removal san Jose service which is the best and professional cleaning and disposal service.

What are the dangers of littering for health? The waste such as food scraps, plastic, cigarettes, and paper, is best thrown in the trash. Because, if not, the garbage will accumulate so that it will rot and spread an unpleasant odor. Piles of rotting trash can also invite flies that will bring adverse effects to the health of the body.

Trash contains disease-causing bacteria

Garbage that is piled up and scattered everywhere, especially food scraps, will usually rot and become an ideal breeding ground for germs. If flies, cockroaches, or rats touch rubbish and inadvertently human hands also come into contact, it becomes a way of transmitting germs from trash to other people. Imagine if a fly or cockroach that had just perched on a pile of garbage then alighted on top of your food. Obviously, your food is …